Media Confirmation about Temporary victory of the conservatives and Theresa May on United Kingdom General Election 2017 as predicted by Clairvoyant Dimitrinka Staikova

Media Confirmation about Temporary victory of the conservatives and Theresa May on United Kingdom General Election 2017 as predicted by Clairvoyant Dimitrinka Staikova  15.05.2017   in her web site :

Theresa May (UK Prime Minister – Leader of the Conservative Party) – United Kingdom General Election 2017 – Only God and the Queen are above her. Political game with jews and russians. Who will remain ? December 2017 – a new election. Year 2018 – dark period for Great Britain – Clairvoyant predictions/Psychic reading May 2, 2017, 10 am. – by Clairvoyant House “Dimitrinka Staikova and daughters Stoyanka and Ivelina Staikova” – from Europe, Bulgaria, Varna.

Photo – May 01, 2017. Time – after the photo.

Theresa May’s health on May 01, 2017 – I see inflammation of the spine, pain in the head – the back of the head at left, inflammation of the muscles near the spine (on the back, at right), inflammation in the left pelvic area. I see a small wound in the nose (at right), pain with inflammation of the muscles near the esophagus, pain in the both shoulders, weak blood irrigation of the left hand. The sick energy affects the heart, left genitals and the knees. It is written on her fate to have a surgical operations in the knees – first the right knee (from the past I see a scar there), then the left knee – which now is painful.

Soon , she will treat a nose, a wound in the nose, pains over the right eye, migraine. The pains in the eyes are not caused only by the nerves, but also by inflammation of the spine.

In the moment, I see negotiations and conversations with Putin (Kremlin). Conversations with jews are failed in the moment – I see big nerves and unachieved wishes. Now, I only see thoughts for big money, a lot of money and Police. Then follows – with very heavy conversations – the uniting of the both factors – Moscow (an energy company) and jews. Non obeying to anyone – except to the Queen – in the end of the game will remain the jews – the russians will be lied – first. Then will follow a strong kick for the jews, but they will not be pushed by the power – they will remain there.

May 10-12, 2017 is heavy for negotiations. Theresa May will often suffer from high blood pressure. After May 20, 2017 is the door for the russians, which is opening and closing before May 31, 2017. The jewish negotiations about money and support are starting around May 8, 2017 and unexpectedly in the day of the Election and more and more after that they harden and take a position close to Theresa May – They are Intelligence Agency, Energy Company and a big energy business with Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt and the European Union – for now. Theresa May , now is interested by the big money and banks (jewish) to remain in the United Kingdom. They will remain – there is a recession ahead of Great Britain – a strong playing of the currency, investing of money in a strong Police.

The bad game with Moscow in the future will bring instability, war, terrorism,explosions – to a certain business. Great Britain enters into the last stage of its game of greatness. The conservatives are winning that battle, but temporary.

August 2017 is heavy month of terrorism in Great Britain. December 2017 – Great Britain is facing a new Election. Year 2018 is beginning the dark period for Great Britain.

Media Confirmation :

British Prime Minister Theresa May vowed Friday to form a government with the support of the Democratic Unionists after her Conservative Party lost its parliamentary majority –a shattering blow just days before talks on Britain’s EU departure are set to begin.

June 9, 2017

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