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Jeffrey Epstein (Multimillionaire Financier) – His death, How his death will affect the Presidential Election 2020 in USA and Trump. Money, Business, War against the Jews. A revenge . Negotiation. War… – Clairvoyant reading/Psychic predictions August 20, 2019 – by Clairvoyant House “Dimitrinka Staikova and daughters Stoyanka and Ivelina Staikova” – from Europe, Bulgaria, Varna.

Photo  – of his death in the hospital.  Time of the Clairvoyant reading – after the photo.
I see that the left side of Jeffrey Epstein’s face was hit – down the eye, suffocation,  blood. First, the left lung refused to work. Then comes a strong inflation of the stomach. In the stomach​ I see many hemorrhages caused by ulcers, bubbles  and it is full of live energy liquid. There were two strong hits in the stomach, one more very strong hit (blow) in the stomach  as with a knife – there is a big scar located above the loins. Then he was placed on his knees. I see a very strong swelling of the sex glands (prostate).
On the back of the head at left, near the vertex of the head – there are two scars cause by two strong hits . The breaking of the spine is close to the kidneys  and at the neck. On the back  – the scars are visible  – the hits were very slow as time and very painful  – questions were asked to Jeffrey Epstein  – without an answer.  There was a proposal to which he was not able to answer – about the connection with other person and organization.  I see blood, which after that hits has entered the right lung  – a slow death – at first,  he was suffocated by the right lung.  All glands  were swollen and activated.
It was made by an expert – two hits on the back of the head  – visible,  at the front of the head  – only prompted; two hits in the stomach.  The decisive hits were under the belly button  and the breaking of the spine.
Jeffrey Epstein was tortured before to be killed. There was no  option for life about him, but they has wanted to  suggest him that they might stop.
Before the death of Jeffrey Epstein  : I see the star of Kremlin  and intervention  of a very big energy company,  including a business with drugs.  Before his death he was smiling.
Mr. Epstein has tried to blackmail Donald Trump with the Russian meddling in US Election 2016. He was not able to negotiate  and he has not redeemed itself as a rich Jews. There is a forthcoming  crossing out of the Jewish lobby  which is  staying behind Trump.
There is a forthcoming eruption and lava of…..
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